Buds Organics BFK Travel Set



99% of the plant ingredients are from Organic Farming.

Kids Travel Set

Suitable for 3 years & above

Over 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream so it's really important to know what's in your shower gel and other skin and hair care products. Many of the shower gels on the supermarket shelves contain some very nasty ingredients that could cause cancer, eczema and even normal hormonal problems. 

Orange Travel Set
Our Citrus range, specifically created for boys, contains pure organic Sweet Orange essential oil. Sweet Orange oil is extracted from orange peel by squeezing it to get the juice out without using heat. This is called the 'cold pressed' method and is the best way to get essential oils. 

This fantastic oil has been used in the past for many things and its scent will make you feel happy, fresh and calm. So it is great for getting you clean and revived after a hard day of playing.

  • Orange Shampoo 75ml
  • Orange Shower Gel 75ml 

Lavender Travel Set
Our lavender range, specifically created for girls, contains pure organic Lavender essential oil. Lavender was first grown in England and France and is one of the best known essential oils. It is most famous for its lovely scent and relaxing properties. 

However, did you know that Lavender can help to reduce headaches? In the olden days, people would put some lavender flowers in their hats to help cure headaches and use lavender to even clean wounds. 

  • Lavender Shampoo 75ml
  • Lavender Shower Gel 75ml