Buds Organics BCO Soothing Vit-C Belly Cream



Pregnancy is a time of many changes. The skin is no exception, as it stretches and expands to accommodate the growing belly. Care for your skin during this period and reward it with regular application of the luxurious Soothing Vit-C Belly Cream. More than a moisturisation cream, it is rich with plant actives and essential oils to soothe itchiness commonly experienced by expecting mums and helping you stay comfortable. At the same time, it protects and repairs over-stretched skin.

SPENT GRAIN WAX is a key active through its anti-itching and anti-histamine properties. It promotes the regeneration and strengthening of the epidermal barrier while soothing inflammation, thus providing comfort to the itchiness. As the name suggests, it contains the potent VITAMIN C which repairs elastin and rebuilds collagen that contributes to the elasticity of the skin. Packed with Organic INCA INCHI OIL, known to be the richest oil in unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), the Soothing Vit-C Belly Cream strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and improves cellular renewal, resulting in supple and smoother skin. This super ingredient also includes a very high content of tocopherol (Vitamin E), lending its antioxidant properties to provide comfort and moisturisation to tired skin. Combination of these actives ensures you are well on your way to brighter, healthier, smoother and more comfortable skin.

Natural antioxidant OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT provides protection from harmful free radicals. ALOE VERA EXTRACT calms and soothes irritated and over-stretched skin while the abundance of luxurious natural oils and butter – ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL, SUNFLOWER OIL, SESAME OIL, INCA INCHI OIL and SHEA BUTTER, deeply moisturise and nourish dry and tight belly.

Pamper yourself by gently massaging this soothing cream over your stomach regularly. Treat other areas that may be prone to stretching too, like thighs or arms. This cream is suitable for use from second trimester of pregnancy.

99.3% of plant ingredients proceed from Organic Farming