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MAM Baby Starter Cup 150ml


Brand MAM
SKU: E650

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Product Description

  • The ideal first baby cup - extra lightweight and small
  • Curved waist makes it easy for babies to hold
  • Extra-soft spout allows babies to control flow rate
  • Non-slip handle fits all MAM baby cups
  • Easy to clean with the MAM Soft Brush
  • Capacity: 150ml

Product Details

Getting started is easy. Together with developmental pedagogues, MAM designers created the ideal first baby cup to meet the needs of young children.

The extra-soft spout of the spill-free MAM Starter Cup allows babies to control the flow of liquid they are drinking.

The non-slip surface ingeniously placed on the inside of the handles ensures baby's instant grip. The ergonomic shape of the handles easily fits tiny hands.

The MAM Starter Cup is extra lightweight and has a curved waist, making it easy for babies to hold on their own. It has an innovative full range compatibility where all of its parts are interchangeable within the MAM cup range.

Our Starter Cup, together with other MAM products, is scientifically-proven and developed in cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society (ICMRS), pediatricians, developmental pedagogues and midwives. Only after the approval of our experts is a MAM innovation truly ready for baby life.