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Unimom White Valve


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Unimom White Valve x 2

Replacement valve membrane for the new model Allegro and Forte Breast shields. Every so often you may want to get a new membrane for your pump. The membrane is vital to your pumps performance if its not sealing then you can lose all or some suction from your pump. This membrane fits all Unimom breast pumps.

Sterilise all breast shield parts. The milk back-flow protector unit does not come into contact with breast milk and can be washed every 2nd day. Air does go through it causing condensation, so needs to be washed and dried well if going to be left sitting for longer than 2 days. If you emerge the air tube in water, make sure you hang it up so that all drips have drained out and the hose is completely dry again.

If using an Allegro breast pump, do not sterilise the spring.